We must look beyond the distractions, name calling, bait and switch politics

I know many American’s were annoyed when Hilary Rosen attacked Mitt Romney’s wife for being a stay at home mom. While this was a classic case of free speech rearing an ugly head, we must look beyond the actual words and try to see a deeper picture of what is truly going on today. To me, this attack was yet another distraction from the matters at hand.

We must ignore the name calling by both sides. The reality is Romney and Obama are almost identical in their core beliefs. So either way the election goes, the progressive Marxist who want to social engineer our country will win. The truth is both these candidates are Marxist at heart. While Mitt Romney gives lip service to capitalism, his actions speak the opposite. Sure, he ran a successful business but so does George Soros, does running a successful business mean that the mind behind the business is a capitalist? The answer is no. If you evaulate what Mitt Romney says, everything revolves around the federal government as the solution. Everything from Romney’s progressive tax plan to his past record as governor indicates that he is a big government spokesman who believes in the collective nanny state over individual liberties(refer to his defense of Romneycare). When we step back and look at the actual man, instead of the man created by the GOP establishment in order to win an election, we see two men that are vastly different. The actual man is a progressive Marxist who believes altruism is the foundation of a greater society as long as its not his wealth being taken away to fund it. The GOP creation: Candidate Romney is a man who refuses to denounce Romneycare while touting his successful business record using center/right rhetoric in order to woo voters from actually looking into his record as governor. The damning thing about Candidate Romney is that he is a hollow man with no core beliefs because he must mask his true beliefs in order to get elected. This explains all the flip flopping he does on the campaign trail. If Mitt Romney spoke from the heart, it would be hard to tell him apart from Obama on the issues. But alas, many will vote for Romney just because they want Obama out of office regardless of Romney’s record.

The distraction is the D for Democrat and R for Republican.

The name calling divides us from the truth and muddies the waters which keeps us from see that both parties are heading in the same direction.

The bait-and-switch is Obama and Romney. Either way the election goes, the big government nanny state progressives will win the day.

Until we are willing to accept the facts and ignore the political illusion, we will continue down the path towards a communist state were the state is father and mother, god and savior, and in the end the state becomes MASTER and we the people are SLAVE!

Tyrants do not give up power via the vote. This is why we must move now to remove them by the vote before its too late.

“A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.” – Lysander Spooner


2 thoughts on “We must look beyond the distractions, name calling, bait and switch politics

  1. This is a great quote:
    “A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master …”
    — Freedom to Choose a new Master is no freedom at all.
    Thanks for sharing.

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