Is the Tea Party just smoldering ash in 2012?

It seems, to me, the fire the Tea Party created in 2010 is down to just smoldering ash in 2012. I do not understand why so many in the Tea Party movement are banking on a progressive named Mitt Romney to move our country in the right direction. I fear too many involved in this grassroots movement have allowed three things to skew their views:

  1. They want Obama out of office.
  2. They want lower taxes and Obamacare repealed.
  3. They put too much trust in the hands of the GOP.

These three things have allowed them to accept a Marxist in sheep’s clothing as their hope for change. I find it interesting that so many are unwillingly to either call out Romney based on his voting record or to speak very bluntly based in these facts. It’s going to be sickening to listen to people like Shawn Hannity (who is just a tool of the GOP establishment) and Rush Limbaugh (assuming he will endorse Romney) make excuses for Romney under that flag of “anybody but Obama.” Those who want Obama out at any cost are willing to risk losing the war in order to win a battle. These are the type of people who are willing to replace one Marxist with a D by his name with another Marxist with an R by his name, and then proclaim victory!

The real battle ground is in the House and Senate. It does not matter who the president is if we control a majority of the Senate and House. This should be the focus of our movement instead of compromising and voting for someone who is against everything we believe in.

Is the Tea Party on a national level dead in the water? If they are willing to accept a big government progressive like Mitt Romney all because they want to defeat Obama, then they might as well shut up about small government, more freedoms, repealing Obamacare (to replace it with state mandated Romneycare?) and eliminating the progressive tax code.

I say this because actions speak louder than their words, or shall I say a lack of action. Now, I fully understand this blog DOES NOT APPLY to all those who proclaim the label Tea Party. The local/state grassroots Tea Party is strong and gaining momentum, which in my opinion is the most important part of our battle. Those true patriots in this movement will continue to fight for liberty, but they must understand it’s time to purge out those who are Tea-Party-in-name-only. The point I am trying to make in this blog is we are in for a very hard fight. We cannot blindly accept people like Mitt Romney and expect them to do what is right.

I say if we have a Tea Party-er who supports Mitt Romney or any other progressive, we need to throw that bastard overboard with the KIng’s tea! He is no friend of liberty!

In the coming days, we shall see who is truly a supporter of liberty and freedom, and who are the ones only giving lip service to it as long as liberty is easy to support. When the cost of liberty hits home, this is when the true patriots/lovers of liberty will shine and the compromisers will show their true colors.

“We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.”  –Ayn Rand

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