The failure of conservative leaders and talk radio in 2012!

If these so-called conservative talk show host exposed Mitt Romney in the same manner they went after Obama in 2008, then I do not believe Romney would have gotten out of the primaries. This is yet another example of how El Rushbo and crew failed their audiences by not hammering Mitt Romney using Mitt’s own words. BUT NO they sat back and claimed they would let the primaries work themselves out and “Anybody but Obama!” If they challenged Romney on Romneycare, it was with softball questions and a warm smile!

It’s time the people supporting the GOP and people like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Gallagher accept the fact that these people are nothing but ear tickling party hacks. These people did not do their job and expose Romney as the progressive liberal he is during the primaries and now they tell us to vote for him because of his big government, bail out begging, partner Ryan!

Wake up America!

Why did Rush not go after Mitt Romney when Romney supported abortion, socialized medicine, gun control, and even admitted he was a progressive? Why?


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