Ayn Rand on Conservatives

Sadly, Ayn Rand was right. We see her words bloom into reality as we watch conservative  leaders try to mix government control and entitlements with capitalism.

It’s disturbing how many conservatives will drop all their anti-big government proclamations in order to line step behind the GOP by supporting people like John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan. Conservatives are good at giving us talking points and pointing out the problems with liberalism, but when it comes to being consistent and applying these same principles to their own camp they fail miserably.

My favorite conservative cop-out is “God is in control“. This is nothing but an excuse to compromise instead of fighting for what is right. My advice is simple to these people, if God is in control then stay at home and do not vote. But then again, I guess God controls rape, child molesters, incest, murder, allows abortion, Dennis Lynn Rader, Hitler, etc. after all the bad must come with all the good.


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