A simple answer to why I left Christianity after 20 years


“Over the past two decades, the more I studied the Bible the less a saw man created in the image of God, but God created in the image of man.”- D. J. Horn


Why does my belief in God(s) or lack of belief matter in this battle to restore our republic?

Will someone please explain to me why my view on religion, belief in God(s), or complete denial of God(s) matters? I am a friend of liberty and capitalism. I support all our freedoms, and I want to restore the republic back to what the Founding Fathers intended it to be. I simply do not understand why some people who email me want to make a big deal out of the fact that I keep my views to myself because I do not believe it matters as far as this blog is concerned.

In the future, I may discuss what I believe and why, but as for now I am more interested in stopping the Marxist cancer that is destroying our liberty, our country, our culture, and our wealth.

I’m serious, why does it matter if the person in question believes in God(s) or no God? If the person in question supports our rights, wants to get the federal government back in check, and defends our Constitution then why does it matter what he/she believes? So PLEASE explain why it matters, I really would like to know.

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We do not need zealots – Christian or any other – taking over our liberty movement.