People today are too willing to give up their property rights…

“The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

It’s alarming to know how many people are willing to give up their property rights. Those who know me or who have followed my posts, know that I am no friend of HOA, subdivisions, and zoning laws. It’s depressing to know many Americans willingly sign away their rights in order to live in a community. The worst offenders are the ones who do this willingly when they join a HOA and/or limited-deed subdivision for whatever perk they deem worthy just to transfer their property rights over to an agency and/or developer. These people compromise for a little convenience and safety while they refine what ownership actually means. Those who are subjected to zoning laws passed by city/county governments are in a different category than those I previously mentioned. The people who are forced into giving up their property rights are victims.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

Let me ask those of you who have signed away your private property rights to a HOA/subdivision the following questions:

What feature or benefit was worth giving up the right to do with your land and home as you see fit?

What convenience was offered to convince you to give your HOA/subdivision the right to mandate what you do on the property that you own?

How does it feel to ask permission from your HOA when you want to upgrade or change the appearence of your house and/or yard?

How do you teach your children the definition of ownership when you say that you own your home, but they see you asking your HOA permission to decorate your yard or change the color of your house, etc? Is the definition of ownership truly what you are teaching your children, or are you teaching them that the collective actually owns the land?

How many of you would buy a car with the following restrictions:

  • You cannot drive it over 300 miles per month in order to preserve the resale value of the car.
  • All services and maintenace must be performed by approved Auto Owners Association (AOA) outlets. If you fail to keep your vehicle serviced, your AOA reserves the right to pick up your vehicle and service it for you. If this occurs, you will receive the bill, a fine, and a warning from your AOA. Failure to comply could result in civil action and/or repossession of your vehicle.
  • You cannot change the interior or exterior of the car without getting permission from the Auto Owners Assocaition within your community.This includes stickers and other cosmetic items which might not set well with your community’s appearance. This is put in place to make sure your car’s property value will not decrease due to irresponsible neighbors giving your car a bad name.
  • You must pay a due every year in order to drive your car.
  • If you do not keep your car clean, you will be required to pay a fine after the first warning. Your AOA reserves the right to clean your car for you if you fail to comply. If this occurs, you will receive a bill, a fine, and written warning from the AOA.  Failure to comply could result in civil action and/or repossession of your vehicle.
  • In order to purchase this vehicle, the buyer agrees to all the terms above for as long as this vehicle is in their possession. The AOA reserves the right to audit your vehicle for compliance to this policy.

I’m sure that most of you would not touch this car with a ten-foot pole. So why would you commit to buy a home with restrictions very similar to the car? I’m sure someone will say, “But a home costs more and consist of more variables. A home is considered a big purchase whereas a car is not. A home is supposed to increase in value whereas a car is not… etc...” These people always have a “but…but…but” answer in order to defend their poor decision to give up their rights.

People who willingly give up their property rights are far worse than those who are forced into giving up their rights. One is a traitor to liberty, and the other a victim of tyranny. When a HOA comes down on someone who willingly signed their rights away, I have no pity for them because they are getting what they deserve.

By the way, if you support a HOA then you will never actually own your home. No matter how it’s spun, the fact is the HOA controls you and your land. You are a servant to the HOA’s commands and fees (taxes)! I believe they should change the name from Homeowner Association to Homeowners in Name Only or HINO.

Just as man can’t exist without his body, so no rights can exist without the right to translate one’s rights into reality, to think, to work and keep the results, which means: the right of property.  ~Ayn Rand

*Images were copied from Homeowner Association Rant.