I am a Libertarian because…

I am Libertarian because…

I believe in liberty and personal responsibility.

I believe in all our rights given to us by our founding fathers.

I believe each citizen is responsible for his/her own actions and has the right to do with his/her body as he/she sees fit as long as no harm or manipulation is done to another human being.

I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all human beings, including the unborn. However, I also believe the best way to end abortion is to defund it. No taxpayer should be forced to give money to fund abortion. Abortion should stand on its own merits and not receive any tax payer funding. This is an issue each state should address and not the federal government.

I believe we have an obligation to be a productive citizen and to obey the laws of the land.

I believe the US Constitution is the greatest document that mankind has written because it guided a nation to be like no other in the history of civilization.

I believe in individualism because it is the ultimate form of liberty.

I believe the people of this country have a right to govern themselves as they see fit as long as they are in line with the US Constitution.

I reject altruism in all its forms.

I believe in a limited federal government which is governed by the people.

I believe in states’ rights as defined by the US Constitution. I believe a state has a sovereign right to reject any and all federal mandates which are in violation of the Constitution of the US.

I believe in the right of ownership which includes all private property. Property taxes and the death tax are immoral tax codes that need to be abolished. I do not believe that any local, state, or federal government has a moral right to tax a citizen yearly for property upon which taxes were paid at the time of purchase.

I believe in the freedom of religion and freedom from religion. This freedom extends to all public properties. Basically, I do not believe in limiting a citizen’s right to practice their beliefs in public (on tax funded entities) or limiting a citizen from peacefully protesting these types of religious expressions. I do not support any group tying up the courts with senseless lawsuits over religion. As far as private property and private business, since it is in the hands of a private citizen, they have the right to allow, limit, or reject religion in their business and/or private property.

I believe in the right to bear arms. I believe a citizen has a moral right to defend their property and family when threatened. I do not support illegal and/or vigilante forms of justice. We have law enforcement officials whose job is to apprehend criminals. I only use my guns as a defensive measure if I am threatened by force.

I believe in Capitalism.

I reject the notion that a monopoly is the result of no government intervention in the free market system. Actually, the opposite is true because the government becomes the ultimate monopoly when it decides who wins and who loses. We need to look no further than the FCC and the recent bail outs.

I believe in the right of business to conduct commerce without the interference of federal mandates. The state in which the business resides is reserved the right to pass laws regulating common sense issues such as waste disposal and child labor.

I believe in a peaceful non-violent way to restore America back to a constitutional republic.

I reject all forms of racism. Racism is an assault on individualism and liberty. I reject any laws and/or practices like affirmative action (aka diversity) because these types of practices encourage racism. I believe all people are to be treated equally under the law regardless of race, sex, sexual preferences, etc.

I believe in an individual’s right to marry who they want and live how they want as long as they are not illegally forcing themselves upon another individual and/or minor. I believe all marriage should be free of government regulation and it should be treated as a legal binding contract.

I reject the idea that America is the world’s police force.

I believe all foreign aid should immediately end including the funding of the United Nations. If a country needs something we have, then they can either buy it or trade for it.

I believe we need to abolish all federal agencies that are not specifically defined in the US Constitution.

I believe the federal progressive tax code is immoral and needs to be abolished completely.

I believe libertarianism is the only way to restore America’s liberties and freedoms.

And ultimately I am Libertarian because I believe in liberty.


2 thoughts on “I am a Libertarian because…

  1. I’m not American so some of your points don’t apply to me. However, I’m intrigued why you reject altruism. If its true altruism, an act done out of kindness with no thought of personal gain, what’s wrong with giving a helping hand to someone who has taken a bad knock in life?

  2. I do not reject people practicing altruism with their own money and their time. I reject the idea that in the name of altruism, people create laws to help those in need via forced taxation, socialist programs, etc.

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